What would you choose? Opinions like these can be written onto a piece of paper and stuffed into a bottle for tossing into the ocean, or

yelled through a global-sized megaphone of a social media account or

transmuted into art or music or a story about people and their mad maneuverings for influence,

…then dissolved back into the neutral, ancient wind-blown air. Which doesn’t care one whit for our opinions.

There are other options too, but I believe without any doubt that these intensities, these fear reactions and angry judgements, these revenge and punishment stories should never ever be shoved down into the darkest places and locked away. That’s where they fester and grow toxic. That’s where they get fed by pressure. We KNOW what happens when we do this – the methane eventually escapes and destroys everything we love.

Biden/ Harris Inauguration is tomorrow. I’ve caught myself holding my breath more than once today for no apparent reason. I’m Canadian, but even so I’ve caught myself in an urge to design poster memes that say FORGIVE!! SEEK ACCOUNTABILITY!! DON’T THROW STONES!! HIDE UNDER THE BED!! STAY HOME!!! in big letters. wtf, and honestly Keira, says my eternal self. Breathe.

So instead I paint my website white and delete half of the content I’ve built over the last year. I challenge myself to work on bristol board with sharpies, highlighters and whatever else is within reach. To read Bruce Chatwin again.

Feels good. Like a clean slate.