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Bean Cellar

There are living, breathing loops of news in this community, which we check into and out of regularly, just to make sure all is well.

So an so had a stroke but is recovering well.  Someone else will have her baby today after three days in the hospital.  The gig went great on Saturday; the festival is twice the size this year; glad you could make it for the party, wasn’t that an incredible time;  how are your folks; I finally got my office painted, my eldest daughter is getting married; my truck’s in the shop; my dad died 3 weeks ago, he was 92….

an afternoon Bean moment from somewhere in 2009

A great many of these loops thread themselves through The Bean Cellar, mingle here for a while, and then back outside into and through the city.  This is a nickname place, full of friendly harassment and nourishment.  Batteries get charged,  jokes traded, meetings held, decisions made or revised, news gathered and passed on.  A place where people get looked after.

I’m here this morning filling in for Tiny, who needed a day off.

After 6 hours of checking in here’s my report:

It’s a complicated time, but all is well.