#Selfie 17: new moon

It’s been a week since the morning after #Selfie’s opening at Gallery de Boer.  That was such a profoundly good time, rich with love and excellence, risk and joy.  We all of us had about an inch of air beneath our feet as we walked through the space and played together on the roof afterwards.  That felt so good I’ve barely touched the ground since.  Thank you thank you to the 150 and more people who agreed to meet in that space & do marvelous things.  To Ron de Boer, Sarah, Jean and everyone at the gallery who jumped on the #Selfie train and rode it, screaming around corners to the station.  Deep deep gratitude especially to my incredibles who held centre:  david sereda, Coco Love Alcorn, Larry Jensen and Kristan Anderson.  That was fine fine work.

playing in photoshop- me layered & floating between two shots of the same painting.
playing in photoshop- me layered & floating between two shots of the same painting.  I’m frowning because I’m not awake yet- this is about 6am…

#Selfie work continues.  I am compiling the oceans of material I’ve collected from social media, written response pieces, research and documentation of my own process into a book, which is coming along nicely.  We hope to have this published and available by the third week of July – write to me here if you’d like a copy or two.  I’ll keep everyone informed about how that project is progressing.  I’d also like to put a couple of new pieces in before the show comes down on August 1 – they are whispering in the back of my mind, and would like to be manifest.  We’ll see how that goes.

An 'out take' from the last #Selfie shoot before the show.
An ‘out take’ from the last #Selfie shoot before the show.

Much has occurred between last friday and today – a noon-hour concert with david sereda in a church with wonderful resonance, a gathering of friends to move me from country to town, a reclaiming of things I’ve not seen for ten months, a sort and file.  I’ve been especially challenged by the process of coming back to normal sleep patterns – by 19th June I’d become accustomed to a 3-hour sleep then work then sleep then work out routine, like some subterranean sleep cycle experiment.  Mostly back now, but that was interesting.  It got the work done, though, and perhaps more importantly it put me in a place where I was open to imagery and resonance beyond what was immediately obvious.  Love that edge.

Me loving the edge.
Me loving the edge.

Cello is calling me to practise this morning – I have two solo gigs this weekend, and need to build that stamina back.  Wonderful.
Life is incredibly, marvelously rich.

more coming, too.

Summerfolk Monday

The sense of openness continues long after Irene has gone to bed and been piped out of the park.  It’s as though the parade brought them home here through our house – Sarah Slean, Royal Wood, Oscar Lopez, the Lemon Bucket Orchestra, The Rwandan guys, The Powerful Women from New Zealand, The MacKenzie Blues Band (our dear friends), Matt Anderson, Nathan Rogers,  Karen Savoca, and so many others glimpsed, heard from afar or almost missed – along with all of the dear friends we were able to connect with.

The air is pregnant with resonance.  Into the air and the house I play Sarah Slean’s Land & Sea, which has me in tears from the first track.  Good tears – she is so playful, so powerful, honest and so Good at what she’s doing that laughter and tears just flow. This cd has such great depth and complexity and beauty that I choose it as one of my filters – one lens from which to view the world, in order to make the world better.   That doesn’t happen often at all.

A couple of tracks on YouTube are here, and here.  Enjoy.  Better yet, buy the cd – you’ll love it, I promise.

From Sarah I let my computer play on – five cello concertos (Barber, Schuman, Dvorak, Saint Saens, Shostakovitch) and the Casals Bach Suites took me upstairs and into a book on a couch in the sunlight, into the garden for fresh tomatoes, basil & chard, the kitchen for a sandwich, the clothesline for laundry, and the back deck to feed the cats.  Conversations, about Nathan’s incredible voice; about Oscar’s generosity of spirit;  about the marvelous revolution the Lemon Bucket Orchestra is building just by playing their impossible BIG whenever and wherever they can (they might possibly save us all, along with Sara and Oscar & the other incredibles we witnessed); about Matt Anderson’s huge HUGE skill as a performer being equal to his quiet humility, about getting deep into the dancers whenever possible…

Now the sun has set, the bugs are shut out, we’re inside in the peaceful resonant air, feeling very rich indeed.

Happy Monday everyone.