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Today the breeze is playful and cool, pushes me out of bed, teases me out of my sluggishness – it was a long night of paying attention to good friendship, while L was in surgery. My liver was talking all night long.

It went well, Kate writes, he is resting now.


I’m in first coffee ritual here beside the east window where the sunlight floods in. It’s top floor street side, wide open so city is fully present – rubber rubber on asphalt, engine effort along Gage Ave, the dinging train as it squeals through back yards, the hydro guys and their heavy equipment project, replacing wooden poles with cement ones all down the street.


These sounds rise and fall with the morning rush. Now a fluting robin (not alarmed, for once), starling and house sparrow chatter, a squirrel’s repeated scolding.

In a while I will close it all out and bring my focus in to cello practice, which is like making love with my soul. The day forward is always richer for it.


Second coffee will be at my studio, where I’ll continue work on this


and this…

photoshop composite mockup. The actual will be much more interesting…

At least one of these will be finished by the weekend, and I hope hanging on a wall outside my studio, so I can move on to the next one, and the next.

It’s the first time in my life that I’ve had both time and resources to devote to just this, long enough to seek and discover deeper layers in my work. A gift out of this past winter spring, especially the travel in Europe has been a curiosity about new places my work might go. New levels of fearlessness. If Klee can, if Braque can, well then, so can I.

I’m solving stalled pieces, will work my way into #Portraits.


#Portraits, which propelled me to Hamilton and the Cotton Factory, which continues to intrigue. It is a continuation of, maybe a deepening of #Selfie, into ‘Other-than Self’. Or maybe ‘Self, In Other’. All of that, and more.

I’m fascinated to see where this will go now. The first summer sittings are booked, and I will soon have November dates in Hamilton and Owen Sound to announce for the shows.


Of course, a collaborative book about process and research, as I did with #Selfie. Also music that we make together. That means you have a part to play, too, O esteemed ones.

Stay tuned.


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You too can own a painting

Ah, the ever-changing dynamics of the ecosystem shared by Art and the Internet.  This has come up in every peer conversation, every artist statement, proposal and grant application I’ve written this month.  Think I’ll write an essay about it & post it here.

But this is not my purpose right now.  I’ve been doing some house cleaning on my blog site, and noticed to my dismay that there is no post devoted to the sale of my paintings.  This is an incredible thing. When asked about my current explorations as a visual artist, how can I send people here if they need to dig through seven years of musings just to find out what is available for purchase?

Good grief.

Here it is, then.  The November 27, 2015 post of all paintings currently available from my studio (work from 2001 to last week).  To see past work that’s sold, surf through the gallery to the right of this post.  There you will find photo reference, promo shots and visual art from the past 15+ years.  Eventually I will dig up the older digital archives that go back to 1975, but for now we shall celebrate the present moment!  Each piece is published under the title of the show it was in, with reference to blog process work, or a brief description.

Please note the distortion in size – an internet specialty.  Some of these pieces are quite large, and those are the ones that appear smaller.  The smallest also appears to be the largest.  If you’d like a studio tour of these so you can see them in person, come on over to the open house on December 5 (10-4, Saturday, third floor collective at 1190 2nd Avenue East [enter through 2nd Ave. door), or write to me at  – I’d be happy to set up a time to show them.

Anyone interested in owning any of these pieces should also know that I LOVE instalment payments, even over a year. Really – I just love them.


The Bells that Still Can Ring (Studio Tour and Bean Cellar, December 2015)

This is work in progress as of now.  Check out the posts in the menu bar under “Art” for concept & research.

Bell1, 2015, 20" x 24", mixed media (acrylic) on canvas. $598.00
Bell1, 2015, 20″ x 24″, mixed media (acrylic, cello A string & mistyfuse) on canvas. $598.00.  SOLD December 2015
Bells#5: Little Bells, 2016 24″ x 24″, acrylic and mixed media on canvas. $490.00

#Selfie (June 2014) – see posts under Art for concept – this was a social media show as well.

From #Selfie (2014). 'Masks' - 84" x 36"; mixed media on canvas; $3,250.00
From #Selfie (2014). ‘Masks’ – 84″ x 36″; mixed media on canvas; $3,250.00
"White", 2014, 30"x30", acrylic. inverse image of me on white indian cotton. $1,125.00
“White”, 2014, 30″x30″, acrylic. inverse image of me on white indian cotton. $1,125.00 (this is currently on display at Santa Fe Gallery in Owen Sound)
“Throwback”, 2014, 60″x60″, Acrylic on a piece of artist’s canvas (I’d used as a housepainting drop sheet for 15 years). $2,950.00
"Surrender", 24 inch round, acrylic on canvas, $750.
“Surrender”, 24 inch round, acrylic on canvas, $750.
Instagram, 49" x 41.5", Acrylic on red linen, $1,150.00
Instagram, 49″ x 41.5″, Acrylic on red linen, $1,150.00

Five Paintings at The River (January 2014)

"Teacup", 2014, 38" x 51", mixed media (acrylic) on canvas. $1,250.00
“Teacup”, 2014, 38″ x 51″, mixed media (acrylic) on canvas. $1,950.00
Shovel / Axe (diptych), 2014. 2 x 28" x 82", acrylic and fabric on canvas. $3,250.00 together. I can sell them separately (though that would be a shame), for $1,750.00 each
Shovel / Axe (diptych), 2014. 2 x 28″ x 82″, acrylic and fabric on canvas. $3,250.00 together. I can sell them separately (though that would be a shame), for $1,750.00 each
Chalk Horse, 2014; 48"sq, acrylic and mixed media on canvas. I wrote two blogs about the process of this painting called "Letting Go". Not sold; $1,850.00
Chalk Horse, 2014; 48″sq, acrylic and mixed media on canvas. I wrote two blogs about the process of this painting called “Letting Go”.  $1,850.00 (currently part of the group show, “Kunderbunt” at Durham Art Gallery (Nov 28, ’15 to Jan 24, ’16)

What Makes Us (2004)

Manitoulin, 2004. 60" x 70", mixed media Acrylic on canvas. $3,150.00
Manitoulin, 2004. 60″ x 70″, mixed media Acrylic on canvas. $3,150.00

Sea Hear (2001)

"Waves", 2001, 36" x 54", mixed media acrylic on canvas. $850.00
“Waves”, 2001, 36″ x 54″, mixed media acrylic on canvas. $850.00


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#Selfie 17: new moon

It’s been a week since the morning after #Selfie’s opening at Gallery de Boer.  That was such a profoundly good time, rich with love and excellence, risk and joy.  We all of us had about an inch of air beneath our feet as we walked through the space and played together on the roof afterwards.  That felt so good I’ve barely touched the ground since.  Thank you thank you to the 150 and more people who agreed to meet in that space & do marvelous things.  To Ron de Boer, Sarah, Jean and everyone at the gallery who jumped on the #Selfie train and rode it, screaming around corners to the station.  Deep deep gratitude especially to my incredibles who held centre:  david sereda, Coco Love Alcorn, Larry Jensen and Kristan Anderson.  That was fine fine work.

playing in photoshop- me layered & floating between two shots of the same painting.
playing in photoshop- me layered & floating between two shots of the same painting.  I’m frowning because I’m not awake yet- this is about 6am…

#Selfie work continues.  I am compiling the oceans of material I’ve collected from social media, written response pieces, research and documentation of my own process into a book, which is coming along nicely.  We hope to have this published and available by the third week of July – write to me here if you’d like a copy or two.  I’ll keep everyone informed about how that project is progressing.  I’d also like to put a couple of new pieces in before the show comes down on August 1 – they are whispering in the back of my mind, and would like to be manifest.  We’ll see how that goes.

An 'out take' from the last #Selfie shoot before the show.
An ‘out take’ from the last #Selfie shoot before the show.

Much has occurred between last friday and today – a noon-hour concert with david sereda in a church with wonderful resonance, a gathering of friends to move me from country to town, a reclaiming of things I’ve not seen for ten months, a sort and file.  I’ve been especially challenged by the process of coming back to normal sleep patterns – by 19th June I’d become accustomed to a 3-hour sleep then work then sleep then work out routine, like some subterranean sleep cycle experiment.  Mostly back now, but that was interesting.  It got the work done, though, and perhaps more importantly it put me in a place where I was open to imagery and resonance beyond what was immediately obvious.  Love that edge.

Me loving the edge.
Me loving the edge.

Cello is calling me to practise this morning – I have two solo gigs this weekend, and need to build that stamina back.  Wonderful.
Life is incredibly, marvelously rich.

more coming, too.