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Hamilton Residency 5: connections

February 1, 2019

Three things that are good: 1 the cast iron legs are back on the black studio table that david sereda gave me ten years ago (what is IN that heavy heavy thing, ds?), 2. I have a new kettle and all the equipment to french press the coffee that fuels my morning write, and 3. […]

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Colour Pages #7: White

June 23, 2016

Veritas. It’s dark down there – difficult to see, to dig and keep digging.  At the bottom of it, when you get there, you find an understanding that changes the shape of your world.     I’ve just watched a film about a young prosecutor with great natural integrity who is working in Frankfurt just […]

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November 11, 2014

First coffee is almost cold.  Studio is too a little, at the dawn of Remembrance Day 2014. I know ’cause I was there, that night in Barkley Square… I played in the dark this morning at the Remembrance Day ceremony for a public school, grades Kindergarten to eight. All the kids were utterly silent as […]

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Lift out

October 24, 2014

These days begin in darkness and wet. We live in multiple layers of clothing against the cold damp of constant seeping rain, walk under umbrellas, and peek out from under shelter until some blue sky appears. Then we breathe the blue and the coloured leaves, and roll in the damp ones underfoot.  We go to […]

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