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Comes in Waves – part one

June 6, 2021

Stories connect us as humans – named things that are shared, to support, to enlighten, to inspire, to comfort. This is what we do, this is how we are human. It is what ART is.

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Hamilton Residency 9: Manifesto 2

February 23, 2019

Manifesto woman does not know what to do next. Baffling. Maddening. Humbling. Ego-flattening. Intensely educational. I’ve made at least twenty clear plans for these pieces in the past three months of this residency, and the only one that has lasted the duration is Surrender. I’m thinking this is at the root of what’s happening here. The […]

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Dear snow,

February 24, 2015

…dear Minus 25 Degrees Celsius, dear 70 km ph Winds and your Death-chill-Factor, Thank you for finding a way to freeze a substantial part of the city’s water system – at the very point in our heavy winter when we collectively agree to become grumpy that the world is not green and growing. The first […]

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