How children play. For a few months now I’ve been building the philosophy and practical steps for Art Basics One, the online course that will run this winter, loving the reach of describing the path from left to right brain, the willingness our minds have to create new pathways and transfer learning from one experience to others.

It’s been a long time in the making, this course. Video and pdf downloads that explore line, form, tone, and an expressive appreciation for light and shadow, a practical understanding of the neuroscience around creative attention and engagement, and the building of trust between mind and body. Registration was to begin today, on September 20, but as I was working away at the final details, something crashed, and the course disappeared.


I’m working with Teachable to get it back, but there is a possibility that I’ll have to rebuild – not from scratch thankfully, but from my notes. So. Here’s the new plan:

Art Basics One:

Sunday January 8 through to February 19, with an optional group zoom at the end

Registration begins Sunday October 15 at Noon.

Art Basics One is a course made with love for anyone who seeks healthy balance for their left brain pressure, anyone who has always wanted to draw but needs some gentle encouragement and a practical way in, anyone who’d like to try some challenging and playful making this coming winter. At your own pace, your own time.