My practice is to wake early, catch my first thoughts in a cup of strong coffee, and pour them out into something written.


My father’s 85th birthday

This morning I find myself in a wide bunk bed that’s been built into the many-windowed, second storey front porch of a student apartment.  I look down out of the many-windows at internalized students walking their six-am exam heads through crunchy snow.


tree, awaiting our return to Owen Sound tomorrow

Ottawa University is immediately across the street. At the street’s end (which direction? no idea), is a four-lane, one-way major artery through the capital city of Canada – delivery trucks have been thundering through there since 4am.

I wake with the vague thought that perhaps city thunder is more intense in the last few days leading to Christmas.

img_1485It is winter solstice, today.  As the farmer’s almanac reports, “The word solstice comes from Latin sol “sun” and sistere “to stand still.””.



I believe this is how memories get made.  If you take note of little things, just as they are in the moment, they can warm you like a fire in winter.  If you mark the time.


Happy solstice, everyone.

I hold you that I know and love softly and without constraint, in true appreciation for who you are.


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