Colour Pages #5: indigo

A colour that invites full, willing surrender.

the colour that glows is indigo.
the colour that glows is indigo.

Inside indigo, an old old resonance, subtle and rare.  I imagine a pool in the middle of a forest, the hum of a deep bell-tone, the sense of things expanding even as you go inward.  It feels transcendent, mystical. Compelling – a deep way through the inside of me.  A passageway colour. I can immerse my whole being in the pulse of it, without any thought of resistance.


If yellow is knowledge, then indigo is knowing.

the same photograph, inverted in photoshop. Hot yellow.
(the same photograph, inverted in photoshop. Hot yellow.)


In the way that a truth resonates when you hear it spoken, or a perfect fifth will expand time and space – this is indigo.  The distant shore across Georgian Bay in brilliant sun glows indigo.  As powerful, as flaming as red, indigo is the safe sanctuary inside the heat that would otherwise burn you.

Indigo is the colour of my voice when I sing.  I will be exploring indigo in paint for the rest of my life.

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