… a day late, apologies. For some reason I don’t completely understand but I do completely trust, my body needed to sleep and sleep and sleep yesterday, starting at 5pm and on steadily through the night. I awoke this morning feeling like a newborn in this marvellous adult body, ready to greet the rising sun.

My thoughts and my heart are with Northern Ireland: may your needs be met and your wounds healed.

So here we go – this week’s list:

  1. 1. Why have artists historically not been encouraged to build and run successful businesses? Take three active steps towards a permanent re-jigging of the arts industry. Enough is enough – I want to be captain of this ship of my life, economically and artistically, and I know I’m not the only one. We need a little anarchy here.The larger goal here is that the artists who make art in and for the world are able to earn a living wage or higher.
  1. 2. A two k walk (at least) in a different direction every other day.
  1. 3. Vacuum and clean all floors.
  1. 4. Do three ridiculous things on purpose. Publicly or privately, doesn’t matter.
  • 5. Write and send two letters or parcels to people I love or even just like.

6. A surprising new thing – tiny or enormous, doesn’t matter.