Learning as I go.

I’m entirely new to this process of professionally presenting my own work online in my own gallery, and the learning curve has been super steep these past six weeks, I must say. I’m grateful for this, since experience is the best teacher of all. The latest of these lessons came on Friday: Ah. Of course, & that makes sense.

Experience is the best teacher, hey? There’s stuff I didn’t know in April that I know now, and it changes how I move forward.  I need to take time to integrate this shift properly, so I ask for your patience while I’m learning new things.

I’ve taken a little time to do a ‘factory reset’ on the whole process. This morning I shifted the opening to July 18. I want to honour the work, which I’m really proud of, the people who have been helping me present it.

Most of all I want to properly honour you, the people I make this work for.

Thanks for your patience. In the meantime you can support the work by signing up for previews and performance HERE, and by sharing the link around to folks who might be interested in the work and the conversation.

We navigate these times best when we do so together.

for Conversation Pieces, comes in waves

PREMIERE NEWSLETTER ISSUE to subscribers (with links, dates and previews): 
Sunday July 11, 2021

PUBLIC ONLINE OPENING of Conversation Pieces, Comes in Waves
Sunday July 18, 2021