Summer ‘Do’;


Winter ‘Be’:


This is the natural way of things, if you take your lead from the plants and the squirrels; the chipmunks and the bears.

So it follows then, that Spring is for clearing the way for new growth:

carpet of trout lillies

carpet of trout lillies

…and autumn is for making good use of the harvest, putting things into their proper place, and giving thanks that another yearly cycle of time has been fruitful.

In observation of these ancient and worthy rhythms, I name October 2013 a month of consideration, sorting, filing, and thanksgiving.

Starting with this blog, right here.  I feel it could be easier to navigate than it is – and no wonder – I had no idea what I’d be writing about when I began.  I may have been relatively aimless, but dear WordPress has been busy the entire time gathering and compiling pages of statistics  – and the results are obsessively educational for me.  Who can resist such a mirror?

Before I sank into slumber last night and after some considerable time spent sifting through the data pages it occurred to me that I could actually USE this information… to  …. put things in their proper place.

I hope what I do will make it easier for you to navigate here.  Please feel more than free to offer your input – it is entirely welcome.

This will take longer than one post to accomplish, so I will leave you with an intention and a promise of positive change, and this:

A study in contrast

A study in contrast