Ah, yes.

The last home-grown tomatoes of 2012

Music music all day yesterday – Jacqueline duPre while I traveled south in the morning, then a discussion about building an effective system for music education in Owen Sound with someone who, with certainty, knows how it’s done.  Then some information about Dr. Suzuki, who has changed the world with music pedagogy (like sistema in Venezuela, but Suzuki did this in the early 1900’s in Japan), then a race with the clock and the rain and the slow drivers to a gig about Tom Thomson (Songs in the Key of Tom, by the incredible and powerful david sereda), the same evening.

Oh and there was a full, FULL moon the whole time.

…the view across the road. That’s Georgian Bay through the trees. A minute down the road there’s a view without trees, but I like the peek through the screen.

This view through the trees aims exactly at the shoreline where Tom Thomson grew up, in Leith.  It reminds me of the way he looked at things – and the way J.E.H. MacDonald did, later – as a texture that buzzes with energies.

…also on our road – west side. The maples are turning.

a little closer…

touched by a gentle frost the night before

It’s my birthday today, and so I trawled this from the internet:

A full moon on your birthday means a lot will happen over the coming year. Yes, there will be disputes and disruptions but nothing you cannot handle.

… but isn’t that every year?

That’s a lovely leaf, turning.

living, breathing green from the east window in my studio, yesterday morning.

Happy end of September everyone; happy harvest moon.


From Kemble Mountain Forest to you

Happy Friday all.  Big full moon tomorrow – I plan to hang on firmly to my sense of the ridiculous, & keep it light & good.

In the meantime, wherever you are, I hope you can get outside and roll around in Autumn.


taken September 27th, 5pm.

Ball joints, Rotary & Equinox

There’s a loose ball joint on the car’s right front wheel.  So get it fixed asap; meanwhile go slowly over bumps.  Somehow I have a feeling this has broader application than just the car.

My 16-year-old kid has been chosen as the lead Owen Sound candidate for a Rotary International Youth Exchange (11 months long) Next Year.  So hang on tight to your heart strings; she’s ready but you’re not.  i.e. – go slowly over this bump.

The Autumnal Equinox has come.  So ash leaves fall, maple leaves change colour and the garden sinks back into the ground but for some hardy flowers.  The long long sun shines through scattered showers and purple brooding clouds, turning everything it touches golden, including my mind and my soul.

I’ve made a commitment to engage with higher frequency ideas every Sunday evening, and to make these manifest during the week.  So expand the energy container honey, you’re going to need more stamina.

It’s all forward motion; there may be times that ease up a little, but there’s no stopping now.

I can’t wait to practise cello.