There’s a loose ball joint on the car’s right front wheel.  So get it fixed asap; meanwhile go slowly over bumps.  Somehow I have a feeling this has broader application than just the car.

My 16-year-old kid has been chosen as the lead Owen Sound candidate for a Rotary International Youth Exchange (11 months long) Next Year.  So hang on tight to your heart strings; she’s ready but you’re not.  i.e. – go slowly over this bump.

The Autumnal Equinox has come.  So ash leaves fall, maple leaves change colour and the garden sinks back into the ground but for some hardy flowers.  The long long sun shines through scattered showers and purple brooding clouds, turning everything it touches golden, including my mind and my soul.

I’ve made a commitment to engage with higher frequency ideas every Sunday evening, and to make these manifest during the week.  So expand the energy container honey, you’re going to need more stamina.

It’s all forward motion; there may be times that ease up a little, but there’s no stopping now.

I can’t wait to practise cello.