Shall I drink more coffee, or would water be better?  I am once again staring at a shovel, and axe, a music stand, and a cello case.  My clock ticks, the cars’ engines sing relative health, relative speed, change of gears, turn the corner.  My studio is almost functional again after a mad mad summer.


A ship there is, and she sails the sea.

I can count seven work tables here, including my desk.  Two hours ago they were all buried – in music parts, folded stands, books, Suzuki syllabus & notes, Orff & Kodaly pedagogy notes & reference material, clothing, fabrick, hair shampoo, camera, paintbrushes (still in water, tsk tsk), paper towels, paint, pencil crayons in need of sharpening (and also in their wrong places).  Now my desk is cleared – for the first time in months.  Six more table surfaces to go…

I should have coffee.


she’s loaded deep – as deep can be
but not as deep as the love I’m in

There’s far too much stuff in here – I feel a need to gut the place, throw everything in the hallway, and re-invent it all.  In fact, I will make it so.  I’ve got to do Something other than re-read the book and stare at the shovel, the axe, the cello case and the chair…  I will begin in an hour, and go all night if I need to.

Warm coffee would be better than cold.

our garden

I know not how I’ll sink or swim.
The Water is Wide, I cannot cross o’er.

There are times when the thing that’s the least easy is the thing that’s most right.
I’ll post a before and after reno blog when I’m done.  Perhaps the paintings will be done then, too.

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