Ah, technology. and humans.

On June 18, I wrote a post about the poignancy I felt in releasing this website, which I’ve lived and worked with happily for eleven years. The company I’d hired in early May to build me a new one then erased the post and two others that same day, and uploaded a sloppy unprofessional site, in my name. To boot, they overwrote my passwords and shut me out for three days, so I couldn’t fix anything – all this on the same weekend my show was to be launched on this space.

My sincere apologies for any confusion you encountered because of this. I was able to regain control of my site through a back door after three and a half days had passed.

I have released said company and all changes they made here, changed all passwords and permissions so they no longer have access to this space. You can help them to make the right decision and offer me apology and a full refund if you like – I will happily send their contact info to anyone who’s interested: keira@keiramcarthur.ca.

Still Shore, June 2021. Photo by Keira

Happily, I am now rescued by a highly skilled web developer – a master analog printer and gallery owner with great understanding of professional art practice and presentation. I’ve seen what he’s built for me in an incredibly short time – it’s beautiful, sensible, and clear. I’m learning a lot, and I’m overjoyed.

We are aiming at a website launch in the second full week of July, with the understanding that excellent work deserves care and time – this is a super tight timeline for a complex site; thank you for your patience.

Reconstruction Conversation I, detail, From Conversation Pieces July 2021


“why is the teapot here?”

“People are strange when you’re a stranger”

“Are you uncomfortable?”

“@ least we forget”

“empathy is what will get us there”

Along with this web development work, I’ve been taking Conversation Pieces to the next level. Grateful for the help of Quinn, Thomas, Fadi, Dominie and Christopher, who made use of pens, pencils and beeswax crayons. At the end of June, we gathered and had a conversation about the isolation and the lockdowns…..

Now I get to pull this together and take it to next level. Can’t wait to show you.

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