Third-floor roof of the studio building.  Looking Southwest across the harbour

I did get up early today to watch the Men’s hockey team win gold for Canada.  Good friends, beer & breakfast & gold, then rehearsing for hours afterwards in all the sleepiness.  What a great morning.    I know Canadians who watched from mexico, Japan and France, and the roar we gave to the sky at each goal was like a great triple rainbow of joy.


But I think of what’s happening in Kiev, Caracas, Uganda and the uglier sides of Russia, and the fact that news of these terrible situations (and others I know of through AVAAZ) is buried under Olympic glory in the conventional media, and so convoluted on the internet that it’s nearly impossible to understand what’s going on, let alone what to do and whom & how to help….


…and I wonder how we will find a path out of these times that makes any kind of decent sense.

I send prayers up. Big like the glow of Northern Lights in the sky.