Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, Sheep May Safely Graze, Air in G, all the Brandenbergs, Arioso – playing these pieces is like eating home-made split-pea soup on the third day of chilly rain, book in hand, and a woodfire toasting your damp toes.

Bach is ‘home’ to so many of us – harmonious, reassuring, refined, warm and impossibly full of promise and good will.  Incredible that these were a product of his day job.  He fed 16 children by playing the organ every day and writing pieces like these:

Cello Suites (- by Yo Yo Ma in these recordings.  I play bits of these every day)

Brandenberg 3 (which we played for Edouard Bartlett in highschool)

Air in G (you’ll recognize this)

Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring (and this)

The Goldberg Variations (Glen Gould – stay with him if you can – he’s an eccentric genius & he actually talks about the Goldbergs here)

Thanks Richard, Donna and Amber, for playing this afternoon.  I am so very lucky.