..if you find a loose end, then follow the thread back to where they all connect

to the same warp and weft, where the shuttle sails on,  left to right,

right to left, and the pedals shift the taught colours up then not,

then down again, humming.


I can’t express how significant the changes in my life have been these past few months.  I do suspect that I’m not alone in finding myself reconfigured and full of wonder in a field of wildflowers  – that we are all of us in some way being transformed in a deeply personal and honest way.  Good for us, I say.  And what a relief.

We’ve only just begun the process, it’s true.  But there’s new a Vermeer-like clarity of purpose now:  I see that mountain, I see that path up the side, I have the right equipment and the right friends with me, and a great deal of love so – that’s where I go.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends – you are so very important, and I wish you all a warm, loving weekend.