Ahhh.  I’m coming back to earth after these weeks of rehearse practise teach perform travel teach record rehearse.  It’s barely seven in the morning, and there’s enough daylight outside to watch the fine fine fall of snow.  I find it comforting.  It’s as if each snowflake is a simple thought that has been sifted into being out of a great massive complicated roar of striving, driven, collective Think, somewhere far up in the atmosphere.

Now almost weightless, each simple flake follows gravity to the ground, where it joins others and others to make a deep white blanket.


So Thanks Sarah Slean, thanks Marc Pierre Toth and Richard Mascall, the GBSYO and Beethoven, Mendelsohnn, Samantha Orr, Sandra Swannell and Sweet Patootie, the Meaford Kids, and the incredible Women who curled at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.  I am enriched, at peace, and ready to go again.  Right after I finish this coffee….