I woke this morning at 5am with the thought that I was carrying around way more stuff than was actually mine to carry.

At this point the image of a lake trout with three sea lamprey attached to it appeared in my mind at this point – I’ve looked for an image like it to include here, but what I found was just too awful.

Dreams are clearing houses for experience  – or so I believe – so the fact that I’ve spent much of the past week educating myself about hackers and identity theft is likely at the root of this.  It’s interesting that the key to identity theft is a weak password – I’ve had to seek and change them all.  There’s a password to everything I do it seems.

I shook the lamprey/lake trout image from my head and went back into sleep.  No sooner there than I had another image – of rooms and rooms, and floors of rooms in my beautiful, bright, grand old house – each one empty save for a pile of junk left there by someone else.  Of course, in this dream the front and back door locks didn’t work so I didn’t bother with keys…..


Awake now, I lay there, thinking about junk left behind, piles of mess, doors left open, unused keys.

I wonder if it’s possible to ‘hack’ into someone’s personal space and junk it up?  To hook a power line to someone’s central power systems and supplement their energy with your own?  To take the stuff you don’t want to deal with and dump it into someone else’s space, so they will deal with it?

Or the reverse of this:  how many people am I powering up in my life, without even knowing it?  How is it that sometimes I’m so drained I can barely function – and not from working on my own material – just on maintaining a basic clarity?

I guess I need to seek and change some more passwords.

Apologies, to anyone who’s been sent to a commercial site from here.  Please let me know if the problem persists.

Happy Tuesday, all.  Here’s to looking after our own junk.