I’m home, sick today.

It’s a full-stop ‘flu, and I’m bundled in triple layers of clothing – including my dad’s old navy turtleneck & the big red sweater my mom knit for me in 1982.  I am on my third bowl of the excellent chicken soup made for me by incredible friend and husband Grant, who has given up a much anticipated road trip to be here with me.  Big book, big box of kleenex, big blanket, blazing woodfire.  2 knitting projects, in case I feel like thinking.

<sorry no pics – the ones I wanted of the fire in the woodstove are at my studio, where I’m not going today.  I’ll put them in when I’m back at work>

If happiness is a deep, warm, sunlit lake in the heart of the mountains, far away from schedules, tasks and emergency response systems, utterly safe and peaceful, then I am a huge old magical fish swimming there, utterly content.

I’m thinking about “the Rise of the Guardians”.  William Joyce, author of the books and co-director of the movie has got something right, and the studio, writers, actors, animators who made the film figured it out and stuck with him.  I’d recommend this movie to anyone, with the proviso that you go with your simplest self, take with you a young person (of whatever age) & don’t make it complicated.

After you do that, find a way to take a day off and love yourself.  It’s good to be a big fish in a warm lake – or whatever your fancy…