This is a ‘try’. 

I made a loose promise to myself that I’ll do something I’ve never done at least once every week, preferably daily.  So far the results have been truly eye-opening.  I get stuck less and less, I’ve made more mistakes than I can count, and every one of them has led to an epiphany. Epiphanies, however small or grand, always change your mind.  

I’m in love with this idea.  It’s a keeper.  

This morning’s ‘try’ is to write a blog post on my phone, from the back deck of my house.  

It’s a tiny bit odd typing with my thumbs on this tiny screen but it can be done fairly easily in fact.  I like it.  

I’m only one year into cell phone culture after long resistance.  This morning’s ‘tech try’ tops all else- my love for texting; my lifelong dislike of telephones; my urgent need for camera answered from inside my purse:  I get it now.  How marvelous!


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